Anticuchos   11
Marinated beef heart skewer served with a spicy salsa de rocoto

Papa a la Huancaina (V)  9
Yellow potatoes topped with savory cheese and ají amarillo sauce served with hardboiled egg, Botija olives and a spicy salsa de rocoto

Papa Rellena (V option, GF)  10
Crispy fried potato purée stuffed with your choice of beef or mushroom picadillo, a filling mixed with eggs, olives and raisins, served with salsa criolla

Causa de Atun (GF)  12
Mashed yellow potato layered with oil poached albacore tuna, tomato and avocado served chilled

Empanada del Dia (V option)  8
A baked savory hand pie served with salsa criolla and dusted with powdered sugar

Ceviche* (GF)   14
Fresh local fish marinated in lime juice served with onions, sweet potato, ají limo, ají amarillo and cancha


Local free-range chicken roasted in a Peruvian wood-fired rotisserie (GF)

Combo Peruano
Served with salsa pollera* and ají verde sauces. Choice of either fries and salad or rice and beans.
Whole chicken   35   Half   18   Quarter   12

A la Carte
Served with salsa pollera* and ají verde sauces
Whole chicken  29   Half   15  Quarter   8


Salsa Pollera* (V, GF)   Creamy ají amarillo sauce
Ají Verde (VV, GF)   Green huacatay and ají sauce
Salsa de Rocoto (VV, GF)   Ají rocoto and green onion relish


Lomo Saltado (GF)   17
Hanger steak stir fried with tomatoes, onions, ají amarillo and fries served with garlic rice

Hongos Saltado (VV, GF)   17
Mushrooms stir fried with tomatoes, onions, ají amarillo and fries served with garlic rice

Ají de Gallina   15
Pulled boneless chicken in a creamy ají amarillo sauce served with potatoes, hard boiled eggs, Botija olives and garlic rice

Locro de Zapallo (V, GF)   13
Squash, potato and corn stew prepared with ají amarillo and huacatay served with queso fresco and garlic rice

Pescado Frito   16
Fried Oregon petrale sole served with lentils, garlic rice and salsa criolla

Chupe de Camarones (GF)   18
A creamy and spicy chowder of wild shrimp, yucca and choclo served with queso fresco and a poached egg


Fries (VV, GF) Served with salsa pollera* and ají verde sauces   4/6
Fried Yucca (VV, GF) Served with salsa pollera and ají verde sauces   5/9
Garlic Rice (VV, GF) White rice steamed with garlic   2/4
Beans (GF) Canary beans seasoned with chicken drippings  3/6

Lentils (VV,GF) Green lentils with garlic and herbs   3/6
House Salad (VV, GF) Mixed lettuce, cucumber and radish salad with house vinaigrette   4/8
Salsa Criolla (VV, GF) Sliced red onions, cilantro, ají amarillo and lime   3/5
Cancha (VV, GF) Crunchy fried corn kernels   3/5


Alfajores    4
Dulce de leche sandwich cookies sprinkled with powdered sugar

Mazamorra Morada    4
Purple corn pudding with an array of fresh and dried fruit

Arroz con Leche    4
Peruvian rice pudding

V- Vegetarian; VV- Vegan; GF- gluten free
*Consuming raw or undercooked seafood or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.



Chicha Morada    glass 4/bottle 8
Spiced purple corn drink sweetened with fruit

Limonada    glass 4/bottle 8
Fresh squeezed lemon- and lime-ade

Jugo del Dia    (market price)
A daily rotation of fresh squeezed juices

Inka Cola    can 3
The national golden soda of Peru


Coffee    3
Peruvian or other South American blend by local roaster Courier Coffee

Tea    3
Local tea maker, Steven Smith’s, tea blends