House-made jam available upon request

La Leña Benedict    14
Two poached eggs and crispy pork chicharrones over crusty, Peruvian-style roll topped with ají rocoto hollandaise, served with root vegetable home fries

Panettone French Toast (V)   12
Brioche French toast stuffed with candied citrus, raisins and mascarpone cream, served with fried sweet plantains and chancaca syrup

Bistec a la Pobre    16
Grilled hanger steak served with sautéed onions, two fried eggs, root vegetable home fries, fried sweet plantains and toast

Tortilla Española (V, GF)    10
A wedge of baked, Spanish-style potato and onion omelet served with a mixed green

Huacho Sausage Scramble    13
Eggs scrambled with house-made huacho sausage served with salsa criolla, root vegetable home fries and toast

Pan con Chicharrone    12
Traditional sándwich of crispy fried pork chicharrones, fried sweet potato and salsa criolla on a crusty, Peruvian-style roll, served with a side of cancha

Quinoa Porridge (VV,GF)    10
White quinoa simmered in coconut milk, topped with toasted coconut, dried fruit and chancaca sugar


Haucho Sausage   5
Chicharrones   5
Bacon   5
Root Vegetable Home Fries (V,GF)   4
Fried Sweet Plantains (VV,GF)   4
House Salad (VV, GF)   4/8
Two Eggs   3
Toast   2

Brunch Cocktails

La Leña Mimosa    glass 9/carafe 24
Cava, fresh squeezed orange juice and maracuyá puree

Bloody Mári    glass 8/pint 12
Ají panca infused vodka mixed with our house tomato mix, served on the rocks with a garnish of cucumber, queso fresco and a Botija olive

Picchudriver    10
Piscología Pisco, OJ and aguaymanto syrup served on the rocks

White PR    8
Don Q  Añejo Rum and New Deal Coffee Liqueur shaken and served over ice with a splash of heavy cream

Café Aromatico    10
Piscología Pisco and Grand Marnier in coffee spiced with cinnamon and clove served in an orange-sugar rimmed mug

Café Dulce   11
Novo Fogo Barrell-Aged Cachaça and Tempus Fugit Crème de Cacao in coffee sweetened with cane sugar and topped with whipped cream

Brunch dine-in only


Full Wine, Cocktail and Beer Menu Available